Benefits of Trackable Documents

  • Trace all documents back to when they were created
  • Stay organised
  • Find dates of creation and what user created the documents
  • Quickly and easily find your documents
  • Assign jobs against your engineer
  • Custom Reference Numbers
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More Details

We built iManage with the idea that everything could be traced back to a point of origin – so we created Trackable Documents. There is Engineer Tracking, Location capture services and addresses automatically attached to job sheets once they are completed. There are also advanced details on all quotes and invoices to tell you how many times a quote or invoice has been read, and network details of where the invoice or quote was downloaded to along with a timestamp to let you know that your quotes have been downloaded and read.

The same stands for all documents in iManage. Invoices and Quotes as well as job sheets can be tracked back to when they were first created with all the data stored digitally on your account for as long as you use the system.

With the Activity feed on the dashboard you can also see live actions made by your iManage users as well as your customers as they happen in real-time. You’ll also see the latest job sheets, quotes and invoices along with status counters.