Signature Capture Benefits

  • Signatures stored with Job Sheets digitally on your iManage account
  • Confirmation the customer is happy with the work completed
  • Always available online to refer back to
14 Day Free Trial no payment details required

More Details

One of the first features of iManage, but still the most important, Signature Capture. The signature capturing feature on the mobile job sheets is a vital part of iManage because it allows you and your customers to sign off jobs once they are completed and happy with the work.

Once a job sheet is sent off, it’s stored on your iManage account forever so it can never get lost or misplaced.

Mobile time sheets and job sheets need some signature capturing, with the fluid and responsive screen on iOS devices and the months of developing our signature capturing module we feel that it is perfect for our app and hopefully you will agree with us.

iManage Quick Fact

Signature capturing was one of the founding features of iManage and is still the most popular today.