Benefits of using Notes

  • Stay organised
  • Never forget to do anything
  • Improve efficiency
  • Quickly input entries while on the move
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More Details

When on-site engineers are out on the road or on-site they often need to write things down to remind them to do something once they arrive at the location, this is why we built a notes and todo section in to our iManage app. Engineers are able to input notes and attach them to a customer or leave them unassigned to remind them to follow up on a job or carry out additional work on different dates.

Having Notes and a ToDo list vastly improves efficiency and time management because nothing gets forgotten and extra time isn’t spent on something that should have already been completed.

iManage Quick Fact

iManage was originally built as in internal job sheet system for ourselves, but we soon realised there was a need for iManage on a global scale.
We tweaked it, added some extra features and some customisation and we released it, now we have iManage v2.0 on the way.