Where can I download the iPad App?
Find iManage on the App Store in iTunes here
Is there an Android App?
Unfortunately there is currently no compatible Android app with our latest Web version (V3)
The iManage app is crashing, what do I do?
Firstly we recommend restarting your device and trying again. If it continues to crash, please inform us with as much detail as possible via email at support@imanageapp.com.
Can the app work offline?
Yes. You can create a job sheet and when you click send it will prompt you to ‘save as draft’. Once your 3G or WiFi is available, you can then send the drafted job sheet.
I’ve re-opened a job sheet to adjust on the app and it’s not overwriting the job sheet, instead it’s creating a new job sheet.
We built the app to be a closed system; this means that once a job sheet has been started in the app and completed, it cannot then be opened at a later date and adjusted within the app. This is to prevent engineers changing information themselves without proper approval. We have heard back from a select few that would like the app to overwrite job sheets instead of create a new one. We listen to all feedback, good and bad, and we’re working on improving the app to allow for job sheets to be overwritten.
The Engineer Tracker is not working.
If you find that Engineer Tracking isn’t working, we recommend checking if you have enabled location capturing services for iManage on your device.